Finding Experts Quickly #43 – 1/04/2016

Gaining insights about foreign markets within a short space of time? What you need is an established knowledge services provider who can assemble a team of qualified researchers quickly. Here's a number we are particularly proud of.

An urgent phone call: Our client needs to know about the market for their product in 5 different European countries.

What do people think about the product, how does it fit into larger trends and developments, what are their competitors up to? 

We’re swinging into action right away, and big time: It took our partner management team exactly 58 minutes to assign the job to researchers in the 5 countries. 

Our client is happy: A highly qualified team of native speakers in the countries themselves will deliver tailored research results even within the short time frame of this project. 

What do the numbers tell us? We may not be working 24/7, but we are able to pull off a 58/5!